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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

Violent, tensed n the amazing daylight settings.

Saw this recently on a dvd. Been keeping a track of Kitamura's work after having enjoyed his Midnight meat train n No one lives. The best part about this film is the daylight-soaked settings. Most of the action takes place under the scorching sun. There is no hand held camera stuff n even the night scenes were well shot. Another good thing is that the film doesnt waste time n the thrill starts within minutes. Has shades of the awful Carnage Park n also of Roadside n Phonebooth. The violence is excessive, there is solid tension n the editing top notch. The shoot-outs r brutal. It falls into the category of edge of the seat thriller. Not even for a sec I paused the film.

Reviewed by jackmeat 6 / 10

Pretty intense b-budget flick

My quick rating - 6,1/10. Pretty tense movie. You wouldn't think there would be much to keep your attention being pinned on the side of a car by a sniper. But for 1.5 hours, this movie had me watching. I think they key to success is the fact that these were everyday people. Not the "one" person who happens to coincidentally be ex-navy seal, or something like that. And the ways that they respond to the terror of being trapped on the side of the road by some person for no apparent reason, plucking them off for fun, and at will was quality stuff. For the gore fans, the effective use of blood, and also suggested further body damage was quite gruesome. I was close to putting this in the horror category, but I'll stick with thriller, with some horror elements. Drop in a very good ending, and you end up with a darn good movie. Don't bother with the other reviews on IMDB. Too many said the "why didn't they do this, or that" and appreciate this movie for thinking, "what would I do" and I bet you won't just be coming up with clever mcgyver ideas, but would most likely be peeing yourself in fear. This just makes it all the more real (in fiction)

Reviewed by tomas-27 1 / 10

Why was is made?

What a piece of trash! I enjoy bad movies just to laugh at them but this isn't worth watching for any reason. Why money was spent on this garbage when with a few tweaks it could have been halfway watchable is beyond me. Those involved should be utterly embarrassed.

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